Spa Crochet Gift Along

Beauty & Health Spa Crochet Gift Along

Get ready to join us in a pampering fun beauty and health spa crochet gift along. Quick and pretty gifts to make for yourself, family and friends. These patterns will also make great charity donations.

Spa Crochet Gift Along | #freecrochetpattern #freegiftalong

What you will crochet:
An assortment of Spa goodies to pamper yourself of for someone as a gift!

What do you need:
Your favorite hook and your cotton yarn!

What we will be using Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton and 4 mm (G) and 3, 25 mm (D) hooks.

Resources and Things You Can Do To Get Ready

  • Join the Creative Crochet Workshop and also the  American Crochet Ravelry Groups.
  • Join the Creative Crochet Workshop Group and the American Crochet Group on Facebook for assistance with the CAL – both groups are awesome and filled with helpful caring Crocheters who are willing to help assist each other. Once you have joined the groups be sure to join the event.
  • Get your hooks, yarn and also anything else you might need to get ready for our first post.
  • Share your progress on Instagram using #spacrochetgiftalong

Spa Crochet Gift Along | #freecrochetpattern #freegiftalong

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Beauty & Health Spa Crochet Gift Along!

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Spa Crochet Gift Along | #freecrochetpattern #freegiftalong

Gift Along Post Links

 This will be updated on a Pattern by Pattern basis with pattern names and direct links.


STARTS – August 26, 2017 ~ Spa Shells Soap Cozy Crochet & Knit

September 2, 2017 ~ Lemon Spa Shells Headband Crochet & Knit

September 9, 2017 ~ Aqua and Lemon Spa Shells Washcloths Crochet & Knit

September 17, 2017 ~ Aqua & Lemon Spa Scrubbies Crochet & Knit

September 23, 2017 ~ Lemon Spa Shells Bottle Cozies Crochet & Knit