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Butterfly Bag

Butterfly Bag Child free crochet pattern

Butterfly Bag ~

Crochet Pattern

This cute little Butterfly Bag is a great addition for any little girl; as most love bags to put their favorite treasures in.  Make several in different colors and give them to someone special.  This little bag will make a great addition to a craft fair, bazaar table, or as a charity donation.  It can also be used as a small gift bag for any occasion. Enjoy!

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White Berry Cable Messy Bun Hat

White Berry Cable Messy Bun Hat ~

Crochet Pattern

I designed this lovely White Berry Cable Messy Bun Hat for the Christmas Gift Along 2017! This gorgeous messy bun hat takes less than one skein of yarn to make and is a great addition to your accessories. So far this is one of my favorite Messy Buns. I love how the cables gives it that extra love. Enjoy!

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Bonfire Babe Messy Bun Hat

While some may believe the messy bun hat is only a fad, much like the cowl did, it will prove them wrong. With the Bonfire Babe messy bun hat crochet pattern, you will have the ability to instantly finish this as a full beanie and in multiple sizes! It’s a 2-in-1! Try it out and tell me how you like it. Enjoy!

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Bonanza Brick Shrug

Bonanza Brick Shrug ~

Crochet Pattern

This lovely Bonanza Brick Shrug is quick to work up. It’s perfects for those cool mornings and nights. It’s also the perfect touch to your outfit. I enjoyed making this Bonanza Brick Shrug for my daughter. Shrugs, boleros, scarves, mitts, cowls, boot cuffs and a few other items are staples for us. We may not get to wear them all as much as we would like but we still enjoy making them. Enjoy!

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Granite Boot Cuffs

Granite Boot Cuffs ~

Free Crochet Pattern

These Granite Boot Cuffs are a great way to look stylish and keep the cold air from going inside your boots.  Make several pair to coordinate with your wardrobe.  These will make a great holiday gift if you are in need of a quick, super easy last minute one.

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