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Carnival Promenade Scarf

AC-Carnival Promenade Scarf free crochet pattern

Carnival Promenade Scarf ~

Crochet Pattern

Here is my super fun Carnival Promenade Scarf crochet pattern. It makes me think of the carnival rides and the fun that we at amusement parks. Just as the kids are excited to ride the next big ride I cannot wait to work the next row just to see how the colors play together. This scarf and the colors bring me joy every time I wear it. Enjoy!

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Stained Diamonds Scarf

I designed this pretty luscious Stained Diamonds Scarf for my organization Crafting A Rainbow Of Hope. Feel free to make this pretty Stained Diamonds Scarf to give to a charity, give it as a gift and/or make it for yourself. Not only is it pretty and feels amazing but it stitches up quickly. You can find more of my square crochet patterns HERE. Enjoy! Continue reading Stained Diamonds Scarf

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Stormy Tranquility Scarf

The Stormy Tranquility Scarf is quick and easy to stitch up.  The Landscapes yarn is a single ply roving yarn self-striping nature band of colors that resemble a sunset.  The Tropic colors of this yarn resemble the stormy skies and seas on the horizon of a beautiful tropical island. It is part of the 2016 Holiday Blog Hop. Enjoy!

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