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Smores Tote

My mom has a fetish for bags, so this year I decided to make her a sturdy tote bag. Now she can carry this Smores Tote with her wherever she goes. If I am lucky this will keep her from trying to take my tote bags. LOL This multi-purpose bag is great for everyday use as it is a solid bag without holes for small items to fall out.  It would be good for work, school, beach, or shopping trips as small items will not fall out. You can even line the bag with your favorite material if you would like. I haven’t completely decided yet but I may add the lining with a few pockets to my mom’s bag. Enjoy!

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Who would like a crochet/knit along?

Who would like a crochet/knit along?

My friend (Dawn @DawnO Designs) and I have been talking about doing a crochet/knit along. We both crochet and knit however, knitting is her passion as crocheting is mine. Dawn has recently been designing hybrid patterns. These patterns are a lot of fun and are stunning. Her hybrid patterns are a mix of knit and crochet all stitched into one design.

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