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Doggie Wednesday’s Week Two

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Doggie Wednesday’s Week Two. Thank you for sharing pictures of your little fur babies with me. I love getting to meet your adorable babies. These last seven days have been busy and a little chaotic. We have gotten a lot of rain lately which is making it really difficult to let Peanut, Jelly, and Blitz outside to play. Even when the rain slacks up for half a day or so our backyard is so wet they don’t want to be outside and that really puts a damper on potty training them. Do you or have you ever experienced this issue? If so, what was your tip or trick to get them to use the bathroom outside instead of in the house?

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Doggie Wednesday’s

Welcome to Doggie Wednesday’s Series. Each Wednesday I will be sharing with you our adventure with the girls and what I am working on. I would love for you to share pics of your pets or fun little tidbits about them. All three girls are fast asleep on the couch next to me as I sit here telling you about our adventure.

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