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Winter Wonder Blanket Part Six

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Part Six of the Winter Wonder Blanket Crochet Along! Remember to keep sharing your images with me. I am looking forward to seeing your finished Winter Wonder Blanket. This week we will be tidying up our blankets, weaving in those ends, and working the edging. If you are still working on the previous parts of the blanket no biggie, just visit this post when you get caught up.

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Cornered Coaster

Cornered Coaster ~

Free Crochet Pattern

I designed this lovely Cornered Coaster for the Christmas Gift Along 2017! This pretty coaster takes less than one skein of yarn to make and is a great addition to your home/office. Invited to a Holiday party? This Cornered Coaster will make a great hostess gift. Enjoy!

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Luna Coaster

Luna Coaster free crochet pattern

Luna Coaster ~

Free Crochet Pattern

This Luna Coaster is a great way to get your Kitchen ready for all the special occasions in the next few months. Graduation, Father’s Day, and summer just to name a few.  Make several in different colors and place them around the counters as decorations, or to protect your table tops from the condensation on the bottom of the glasses. This quick and easy to make coaster will also make a great hostess gift if you are going to visit family and friends this summer.

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Creamy Truffle Heart Coaster

Creamy Truffle Heart Coaster ~

Free Crochet Pattern

This Creamy Truffle Heart Coaster can be stitched up quickly. It’s cute, practical and convenient. It makes for a great decoration and as a gift. Spruce up your home or office space with a few of these heart coasters just in time for Valentine’s Day. This coaster is part of the Valentine Box of Chocolates Gift Hop! Enjoy!

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Strawberry Sherbet Toffee Coaster

Strawberry Sherbet Toffee Coaster free crochet pattern

Strawberry Sherbet Toffee Coaster ~

Free Crochet Pattern

I love Valentines Day and enjoy making little things to decorate my home with. I especially love changing out the coasters on the kitchen table, coffee tables, and counter tops. I have chosen to make this lacy coaster to put on the tables and counter tops. This lacy coaster makes a nice addition to your table.

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24/7 Holiday Coaster

This 24/7 Holiday Coaster was made in the round using Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton yarn.  It is super easy to make and takes only a small amount of yarn. This coaster will look great lying on a table just waiting for a glass to be set down.  Make a set of 4 or 6 and give as a hostess gift this holiday season, or make them to decorate your home. Hope you enjoy it!

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