Scarf Day Bash

Welcome to Scarf Day Bash! I am so excited you will be joining me on this fun journey. DO NOT miss out on these gorgeous scarves and cowls. Over the course of the year we will be crocheting quick, easy and lovely scarves and/or cowls. Enjoy!

Scarf Day | American Crochet #scarfday



Each Wednesday starting in March, I will share a crochet scarf or cowl. By the end of the year, you will have 44 free crochet scarf patterns added to your accessories treasure box. Make one, two, three or all for yourself and gift a few to family, friends, and/or your favorite charity.

Here is the break down to prepare:

  • Sign Up for the Scarf Day Bash Newsletter! If you wish to receive all 44 crochet scarf patterns. (Those that sign up will receive a CODE to download the PDF for free.)

Scarf Day Bash | American Crochet @americancrochet #scarfdaybash


Here’s a brief summary of how we are going to do it in 2020

  • We are going to make 44 gorgeous crochet scarves and/or cowls.
  • If you get a few weeks behind, you can easily catch up, as you are not on a deadline.
  • I will check in monthly to see how you are doing throughout the year. At the very end of the year, we will review the whole year and may receive a bonus pattern!
  • Important to Note: be sure to sign up for Scarf Day Bash Newsletter to stay up to date and receive each Scarf Day Bash pattern.
  • Each Wednesday I will share a crochet scarf or cowl.

Scarf Day Bash | American Crochet #scarfdaybash

 For assistance and sharing your progress

  • Join the American Crochet Group on Facebook and if you like join the event!
  • Share your progress on Instagram using #SCARFDAYBASH

Scarf Day Bash | American Crochet

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Happy Hookin!
XO, Mistie

Scarf Day Bash | American Crochet